“Trust me, it’s a fun ride on what we thought was a beaten topic.”

- Anastasia “Stas” Taylor, MSSW, LCSW

The U.S. healthcare system is unnecessarily complex. Americans pay an exorbitant price for fairly impersonal, sub-par medical services. Our system is messy. It’s expensive. It’s broken. To make the problem worse, our national conversation about fixing healthcare is framed through a divisive fight. We all know the drill: Republican vs. Democrat.

In Dr. Brian Dixon’s candid debut book, he throws out the partisan frames we hear on the news. He offers a single, succinct plan that bridges the partisan divide and simplifies our medical system to serve everyone—physicians and patients—more effectively.

Forget Obama, Trump Ignored: Healthcare is a deep dive into the health policies and medical industry norms that have made U.S. healthcare the mangled system we see today.

In a conversational style, Dr. Dixon sheds light on some of the biggest problems of America’s healthcare system and presents actionable steps for creating a better system that’s simpler and more affordable for everyone.

An informed public is key to a strong democracy. Learn about the medical industry and consider Dr. Dixon’s plan for the future of healthcare in America.

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About the author

Dr. Brian J. Dixon

With accolades spanning my career as a child psychiatrist, entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker, I advocate for a more sensible U.S. healthcare solution that appeals across all party lines. I am a Texan, born and raised. My psychiatry practice, Progressive Psychiatry, is based in Fort Worth.

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