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Dr. Brian Dixon has made a career by helping others, normalizing conversations around mental health, and speaking about U.S. healthcare reform. He has been featured in Fort Worth Magazine’s 40 Under 40, and was named one of the Top Doctors by both 360 West Magazine and Fort Worth Magazine. He is the owner and lead psychiatrist at Progressive Psychiatry and the founder of multiple other businesses and nonprofit projects across Fort Worth.

“Dr. Dixon takes a more holistic approach to treatment and is committed to equipping children and teens with the lifelong skills they need to overcome challenges and increase wellness… [He] advocates for issues that impact families, including healthcare and education, at the local, state and national level.”

- Dr. Kristie Engel

Brian's Story

Raised by a single mom in East Texas, Brian learned how to stretch a dollar from a very early age. He worked his way through a Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Baylor University, an MD at Texas A&M, and completed his triple board residency at The University of Kentucky in 2011, where he learned to infuse therapy into every aspect of his work, often alleviating unnecessary medication.

Following his residency, Dr. Dixon returned to Texas excited to apply his love for patient care to families back home. But the bureaucratic demands of the hospitals—double-booking patients, fulfilling unrealistic productivity metrics, and wasting hours checking gratuitous boxes—resulted in Dr. Dixon working at three different health systems in three years.

He labored to keep up with the demands of the system, enduring panic attacks, chronic headaches, and many weekends away from his family to serve his patients. Yet for all the sacrifices he made, the exacting processes, hospital policies, and ceaseless paperwork didn’t contribute to the experience or well-being of his patients. He was burned out, so he quit. He had to find a better way.

In 2014, Dr. Dixon launched a private psychiatry practice, Progressive Psychiatry, to give his patients the level of care he knew was missing at his previous jobs. As his own boss, Brian could provide the transparent, accountable care his patients deserved. He didn’t have to jump through the typical hoops of health system gobbledygook, which meant he could spend more time doing the work he was trained to do.

Beyond his psychiatry practice, which has grown to 6 employees, Dr. Dixon is now an advocate for improving the American healthcare system at its core. From high medical costs and poor patient care, to a healthcare system that demands too much from its medical professionals, Dr. Dixon speaks and writes about a brighter future for U.S. healthcare.

In 2017, Dr. Brian Dixon published his debut healthcare book, Forget Obama, Trump Ignored Healthcare. His provocative book provides clarity and context to the current U.S. healthcare system. Dr. Dixon posits new, trans-partisan solutions to the biggest systemic healthcare problems facing everyday Americans.

Dr. Dixon is also the founder of Together Forward, a nonprofit think-tank centered around improving health, growing wealth, and alleviating cultural disparities. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his comic book collection and fantastic Spotify playlists.

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