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Burnout to Breakthrough

How starting my own practice saved me from physician burnout and inspired me to rethink how to finance healthcare in America.

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American Healthcare Revolution

What if I told you there’s a way to make healthcare more affordable and accessible? My P.S.Y.C.H. plan empowers doctors, cuts out the middleman, and helps each state increase competition to reduce care and Rx costs for residents.

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About Dr. Dixon

Psychiatrist. Entrepreneur. Advocate.

With accolades spanning my career as a child psychiatrist, entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker, I advocate for a more sensible U.S. healthcare solution that appeals across all party lines. I am a Texan, born and raised. My psychiatry practice, Progressive Psychiatry, is based in Fort Worth.

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The future of U.S. healthcare isn’t limited to the polarized positions we hear on TV. In his debut book, Forget Obama, Trump Ignored: Healthcare, Dr. Dixon offers an alternative solution that appeals across party lines, lowers medical costs for everyday Americans, and ultimately rectifies our broken healthcare system.

Understand the context of the U.S. medical system and then become part of its brighter future. Learn more about the book.

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